Syncthing over wifi repeater

Is it possible to get syncthing to recognize devices and sync over a wifi repeater? I have a repeater that essentially makes another wifi network so right now syncthing doesn’t see the other devices unless I put them all on the same wifi network.

The networks are connected however as I can use my printer fine from “over the other one” for example. Is it possible to get syncthing to work on this setup?

Local discovery, probably not, because it’s a different subnet, so things like multicast etc does not work.

You don’t need multicasts to print, you just need it’s IP address.

You can still configure ip addresses of other devices manually if you don’t expect them to change.

In the traditional sense of what a telecom/networking repeater does, it has always been a “layer 1” device; meaning in the context of this discussion the ‘far end’ devices should be in the same subnet (L2 broadcast domain) as the network where ‘local’ syncthing is running. Now that just said traditions are dropping like flies and vendors are adding all sorts of capabilities into various devices; thus blurring the lines of what devices traditionally did.

So, you might have two choices:

  • Turn off any L3 routing/nat functionality between the repeating devices; creating one much larger L2 broadcast domain topology. I’m a fan of routing myself and without knowing all the details of your network I am actually not recommending this.

  • Or do what AudriusButkevicius said. :slight_smile:

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