Syncthing on Windows Server 2008

Trying to use Syncthing as opposed to BTSync on Windows Server 2008. We have installed Syncthing on to two servers. The issue we experience is that the Syncthing browser GUI will not function as expected. The browser on the server is of course limited in functionality for security reasons. We have tried accessing http://servername:8080 (having created a firewall rule on the servers) from a client, but this does not appear to work. Can anyone advise on settings etc if running Syncthing on two Windows Servers??? Any information appreciated. Thank you.

maybe this helps - Syncthing GUI not accessible on LAN - Raspberry Pi 2

Does it work on the server itself with http://localhost:8080 ?

On the server there is a web page at localhost:8080, but most of the buttons do not work etc. I suspect that they rely on JS or similar for their function. The web page does not look the same as the example shown in the howto. The metrics for the processor loading etc do not work. I suspect all of this is due to restricted browser capability on Server platforms (browser is IE btw.). If i install the same .exe onto a standard PC, everything works as in the example. Unfortunately, despite a firewall rule enabling inbound 8080 connection, access from a browser on another client http://server:8080 does not work either. Surely someone has run this on a server before?

You’ll need the config change @uok mentioned in addition to the firewall hole. By default Syncthing doesn’t allow GUI connections from the outside. Changing the listen address to fixes that.

Syncthing uses a lot of javascript for the web GUI - but maybe you could setup portforwarding to another computer without browser restrictions?