Syncthing on Android V 0.12.0?

Sorry German only: Wo ist die Version 0.12.0 für Android?? Danke

Not out yet.

Gibt’s noch ned. Ne Beta ist aber schon verfügbar, such dazu bitte im Forum.

Also of interest, @Zillode’s summary of what’s needed to update Silk for 0.12.

Is it worth mentioning somewhere that the Android version is only available in beta? There have been reports on IRC where people have had to revert back to v11 because they didn’t realise v12 wasn’t released on Android yet, leaving them with a bit of a bad experience.

I agree with that. Perhaps it would have been better if the fix for Syncthing should have be made simultaneously with the Android version.

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Agreed. I would have waited until all platforms were the same. Now my mobile phone Photos are not syncing :frowning:

The update for Android is out now should be available in the next hours.


Hi, thx for your work…

But THAT is exactly the problem. I ran my little zoo here syncing some folders. Every “Syncthing” side i open tell’s me: ! always use the latest version ! ok. thats what i do.

To get always the last version, i installed the ppa:version on my linux machines. And with the last actualisation i go syncthing v0.12, as long as my Android devices run v0.11 and both are not compatible the syncing stops. (but, there are no error… for users I mean) So to get it work, with installation of version 0.11 on my Linux machines, after i realized that. (stopping the usage of the ppa - too)

Now - (in some hours, days, seconds) Android Play store delivers the “new” Version 0.12 and- everything stops again!

What is the right way, to keep this all going?

And (i will ask that in another thread) how could i find out which version i have or get for Android?

Regards Vo

  • version you have: see info in settings of Android Syncthing

  • version you will get: check developer text (what’s new) on Google Play

Shouldn’t we push the release button on the build server?:slight_smile:

Oh whoops, there was something. I thought magic took care of that :smiley:

Did you push it already?

I’ll do it now. F-droid uses the tags, but for the play store we have to modify the release notes and click build.

Yeah I remember it now, just didn’t pay enought attention^^

Will you update the release notes that show on the market to display the correct syncthing version it uses? So people who know about the versions incompatibility to see that it uses the new one and install?


It seems the f-droid build failed due to an ‘unknown maven repository’ (see It would be great if someone could fix this.

Done: Just need to wait for the next update round

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Thanks. Can’t wait to upgrade