Syncthing for macOS


Thanks for your hard work on this Jerry - I’m using the macOS wrapper very successfully on a number of systems! :slight_smile:

Could I log a feature request: being able to add environment variables and arguments to the Syncthing launch command? I’d like to perform a reset-deltas on my installations - but I don’t know what launch command you currently issue, in order to launch it manually from Terminal without breaking everything. Is it just setting home to ~/Library/Application Support/Syncthing/ ?


(xor-gate) #42

Hi @Moisie sorry for the late reply, wasn’t checking the forum for some time. On first start the syncthing daemon is copied to its own folder so we don’t overwrite the syncthing executable which is shipped with the application bundle. It is located here:

 > ls ~/Library/Application\ Support/Syncthing-macOS/syncthing
 syncthing      syncthing.old 

When you start syncthing without arguments it automaticly searches in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Syncthing for the configuration and indexes. So if you need something special you should add some extra arguments. Currently it is not possible to inject environment variables or extra commandline arguments from the wrapper. It is hardcoded for now:

I’m not sure many people will every tweak the arguments. For power users they could also run their own syncthing instance and use the wrapper for connecting to it. It is now tightly coupled.

(Antony Male) #43

People do, e.g. setting STTRACE.

(Jakob Borg) #44

FWIW, that can also be done via the API or web GUI nowadays. (It’s still valuable to be able to set it before startup, of course.)

(Antony Male) #45

Yeah, I’ve had a few people ask that it can be set as an env var, so that it persists across restarts.

(xor-gate) #46

Yeah we need to add some extra checkboxes in the preferences dialog then for appending this kind of environment variables/flags.