Syncthing for macOS

Hi all,

I want to notify you all of my effort put into creating a native OS X Application bundle and Disk Image drag and drop installer.

More info on:

Kind regards, Jerry


Hey! Looks really great!

Let us know when you intent to release a stable version.

– Urizev

Hi all, i started from scratch and integrating now with travis to automatic build the mac package (not fully finished yet). It also fetches the new syncthing v0.12.

I did put a notice on my old repo/branch that I moved everything. The new repo also verifies the syncthing signature with the new stsigtool, and adds inotify.

At time of writing I did not make a release yet.

Finaly the first stable release with syncthing v0.12.2 shipped (and syncthing-inotify)

Have fun!

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Digging up this old topic. The project has moved to a new implementation


Hi all,

Today I released v0.14.8-1 of the Syncthing application bundle for OSX. Have fun!

@calmh is it possible you change the title of this topic? To eg: Syncthing for macOS


Thanks @wweich!

Hi all,

Passed week I released v0.14.8-2 of the Syncthing application bundle for OSX (bugfix release). Have fun!


Thank you for having bring Synthing to Mac OS platform @jerryjacobs !

is there a chance that the file creation date is synchronized too? After a brand new folder synchronisation, all the files get the current date as creation date :confused:

Thanks Eric

( Feature Request - Sync Creation Times/Dates )

File modification times are always synced. I don’t think files have a creation time. There is mtime (the modification time), atime (the access time, sometimes tracked and sometimes not), and ctime (the change time, updated when metadata changes). We only ensure the mtime.


Hi guys, I would like to let you know @virusman and I have created a new release.

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Hi guys,

Tracking the syncthing-macosx project activity on github based on downloads and stars it seems getting adopted by more and more people. I would like to get it to the level for the syncthing project official “adoption” just like the SyncTrazor. I’m considering to look for donations/funding to get a experienced OS X develop in the picture from to improve the application. Because I’m not a very experienced OS X and Objective C developer (yeah, the project was created after hacking a weekend on Objective C in XCode). Even after donation/consulting it will remain MIT license and have no intention to distribute it payed/closed source.

What do you think about the idea @calm and others?

I tested it now again and it seems to work well. There were some initial issues around HTTPS, the certificate, and the URL used, but these could be solved. Do you have a specific roadmap in mind that you would like to pursue using donations? Otherwise I think some promotion on the main web page and community outreach can get you some ways along. For work reasons I am currently an iOS app developer and have become fluent in Swift, although not entirely voluntarily… Though I see now that this is indeed ObjC. I guess I would preferred Swift & the more modern storyboard stuff.

The question about the roadmap is a good one, currently it is blank and i’m out if ideas/features. I would still like it frugal (without graphs blingbling). It would be nice to have the notification pushed to the desktop when a new device or share is announced. And to pause all or specific devices. Moving from ObjC to Swift would mean a whole rewrite, which is basicly throwing everything in the trashcan. It would be nice to have it highlighted on the main webpage so people don’t have to page dive into the documentation.

Thank you for your answer and looking into it.

We just released v0.14.46-1 bundle

New “features”:

  • Pause All Devices/Resume All Devices
  • Rescan All

Just have a look at my Syncthing Tray. I think I have already driven it a bit further compared to your application. Currently I’m investigating how to use Syncthing as library instead of starting it as external process (works except for stopping/restarting).

My application could work under macOS as well. It also just lacks someone who can do some adjustments for that platform (shouldn’t be many).

Hi @Martchus, I already had a look some time ago at your application. And prefer to have a native experience on OS X and Qt doesn’t feel like that. Also compiling and distributing Qt application on the Mac is more work/disk space than building native applications. I will have a look at the features you implemented and probably can borrow some ideas.

Thanks for pointing out on your application.

Kind regards, Jerry

Couple ideas for how syncthing-macosx could be improved:

  • native macOS notifications of certain things (e.g. recent changes, folder status changes like Out Of Sync, remotes connecting/disconnecting)

  • add more animations (or detail) to the menu bar icon itself to give more feedback on what Syncthing is doing - e.g. make a “pause” version of the icon when all folders are paused, make an “exclamation mark” version to indicate that there’s something up with a folder that might require attention (e.g. Out Of Sync)

Hi guys,

I’m using Syncthing for Mac/Windows and Linux and never used a additional software which offers a smallish tray icon that tells me anything I maybe should know.

I’m very happy, that I only get messages/notifications when I started the WebGUI in a browser.

So, if not implemented already, I suggest a feature called “quite mode”, where no notifications will inform/annoy/distract/enlighten the user, but let him start/stop/pause the Syncthing service easily. :slight_smile:

Also, the program should respect the “Do Not Disturb” OSX-settings.