Syncthing for Android 0.5.0 Beta Testing

Beta 7 Available!

  • manual sync stop/resume from 0.4.x is back again (and enabled by default)


Beta 6

  • some fixes in the way syncthing is run, this should get rid of some problems with settings

looks like we aren’t as close to release as I thought :frowning:


Beta 5

  • added inotify support
  • added some missing settings
  • auto-dismiss “disabled” dialog when syncthing becomes available again
  • changed default settings so syncthing is always enabled

This will probably be the last beta, assuming there aren’t any more important issues.


Beta 4

  • fixed a crash when changing app settings


Beta 3

  • tons of fixes (see the download page)


Beta 2

Now finally with unit tests, and various bug fixes.


Beta 1

Most importantly, 0.5.0 will add much demanded functionality to sync only on wifi. This was kind of tricky to implement right, so there might be unexpected behaviour or bugs in that. Additionally, lots of enhancements that require big code changes, and general refactoring.

Please test and report any problems :slight_smile:



Great, thx! I’m trying it right now.

@Nutomic I just rewrote the build process slightly, mainly to make it possible to build painlessly on Windows. You might want to tweak your build setup; at a guess you now want

go run build.go -goos linux -goarch armv5 -no-upgrade build

with goarch being 386, amd64, armv5, armv6 or armv7 depending on what you need. That’ll get you a syncthing binary in the current directory.

Alright thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for the next version :slight_smile:


I installed beta 5 on one of my device but I could not use it. None of the buttons were working, ie no functionality visible when click on any of the buttons. Please bear in mind that any of the 4.8 ones work just fine on the same device.

I tested on Cyanogenmod android 4.4.4 arm


Everything works fine here on Moto G with stock Android 4.4.4 except the ‘Select folder’ in the Folder Picker that crashes the App.

I really appreciate what you did with the UI and the new options.

Since you add some options to Synchting (sync only when charging and/or when wifi connected), I think it would be useful to see when Syncthing does actually something, when it did [log] and also if it doesn’t do anything showing the reason why (“Syncthing is waiting for WiFi connection and/or power cable”).

That sounds really weird. For which exact buttons is this? And does the app freeze or is there just no visible effect for the buttons?

Logcat would also be helpful.

And my phone is always hot.

Did this happen with previous versions?

And is it currently syncing or idle? And connected to other nodes or not? Logcat might also help.


Well I do not see anything weird in the log. It syas web gui started, config copied. But it seems like it is never creating the keys whatsoever even on total fresh install.

I will go back to 4.8

OK, I think it was frozen process, because after reboot all returned to their bed. I continue testing…

I just noticed that pause on mobile data/battery does not seem to work. Sorry for that, I’ll look into it tomorrow.

@kahun You don’t have to remove the old version when updating. Though I will check if a clean install works.

@imraro Please post a logcat if you can next time for fixing this.


Do you rely on Google apps or other Google stuff that might not be avail on custom kernel mods (like cyanogen mod that I am using)?

Nope, nothing Google, only normal support libraries (which don’t require gapps).

Bizarre. 0.4.x works no issue. I install 0.5 I have no click based functionality, even after a restart. No idea really

You have to uncheck “Stop sync when not charging” to start syncthing (If you are not charging).

I can’t reproduce that (after a new install).

But I also noticed some problems that I missed, like repos not being displayed (sometimes?), so maybe you wanna revert to 0.4 and wait for the next update of this. Or actually upload a logcat so I can have a look at it.

I do not really get it though. 0.4.8 is fine but not .5x if they are almost the same thing.

I will try to get you logs next time I am willing to go through it again


Bumping for beta 2 :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the beta2

Well syncing feels a bit better if I can get it not to crash. :frowning: It took me 10 crashes to add a repository. Then it stop showing it in the gui, it is in the web gui though.

The other issue I am having is that it is persistently throwing a way a lot of makedir and chmod errors on 3 files even after the files are removed out of sync folder. My logs are litered with the error about this 3 files that do not even exist anymore. I added a single identical line to this “I/SyncthingNativeCode(22723): [2JOJA] 03:16:18 INFO: mkdir: error: “xxxxxx” / “xxxxxxxxxxxx.pdf”: chmod /storage/emulated/0/xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxx/xxx: operation not permitted”

The web gui says that 3 files are out of sync (the ones that do not exist anymore because I removed them to get rid of the errors which did not work). They all are pdf files that are about 50 mb each.

The other headache was that .5 started throwing existing repo id and it started renaming the repos with xxx~1( 2,3,) etc Even for the default Camera repo which i did not touch it in anyway. I am not sure because it is hard to get the debug log as well as I am getting millions of chmod mkdir errors ;(