Syncthing based Evernote alternative

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anybody knows or uses some kind of a Syncthing based Evernote alternative, where all notes (files) are synced over all devices using Syncthing.

I searched for a program and only found Tagspaces (, but their usability sucks…

Any suggestions?

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Nope, not yet. But im also looking for this kind of Tools :slight_smile: For the moment im using plain Markdown Files for Notes

But for ToDo Lists i could recomment TodoTXT (A minimalistic Format) There are multiple Clients for it: Im using: → On Android Simpletask Cloudless → On Windows Todotxt.Net Fully synced through Syncthing. The most Clients refresh itself if there are any changes on the todo.txt File


I sync a directory of plain text notes that I read and write with whatever editor I have on each device. It works fine.


I’ll definitely have to check out Tagspaces. As the others have stated, I use Todotxt and sync that via Syncthing to my Android phone and tablet, where I use Simpletask Cloudless to manage tasks. On my Linux desktop, I display tasks in Conky on my desktop.

I’ve been looking for a calendar app with which to sync ical files, but haven’t found one on Android, so I’m still using Google Calendar.

For notes, I use Writer Plus and Markdown files.

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i took a look on Tagspaces, it looks very promising. What exactly you dont like there?

@Fti7: Unfortunately the folder navigation and creation of new notes weren’t that intuitive compared to Evernote. You don’t see a folder tree but have to select the folder from a dropdown menu. There isn’t one button for creating a new note. You have to click the “material design” button in the right corner and select an item to create a new note. In Evernote there is a single button in the top menu for creating a new note (what the core functionality in a note taking app is ). Sometimes it didn’t show the button (no idea if this was intended or just a bug).

But as you said, it’s promising. If they tweak their UI it could be an alternative.

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I use zim wikis, and sync them between machines and androids with syncthing.
There is no zim for Android, but as zim keeps its files as .txt, and its tree as a normal directory tree, they are easy to navigate/open in Android.

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I also use simpletask and jota+ on Android and vim everywhere else (I use the ttodo vim plugin to handle todo.txt files with vim). The one problem with syncthing is that it doesn’t handle concurrent edits well. So I also use unison to sync the synced copy with the actual files I work on.

Zim wiki looks interesting.

I only need to find a way to migrate my Evernote to Zim :wink:

I use Laverna and sync the db file between my computers with SyncThing and it works great.

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Interesting…Laverna made a huge progress since the last time checking it out :wink:

can you please explain how you store the data? Are you using this “Remote Storage” API?

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I think the laverna desktop apps can store locally, which can be synced. I tried to use the self hosted web app of laverna, which stores the data inside the browser and synced the data through remote storage, but syncing doesn’t sync embedded images / attachments, so I stopped using it.

That’s right, I use the desktop version of Laverna and I sync the folder where it stores data : /Users/your_user_name/Library/Application Support/laverna (if you use OS X). It syncs pictures and attachements since they are stored in a subfolder (http_localhost_9000.indexeddb.blob)

I found Elephant when looking for a Evernote alternative. I haven’t used it that much but I think it has potential. It uses normal txt files to store notes so should work fine with syncthing.

My requirements for note-taking are minimalism and plain-text storage for sync- and readability. I’m using CrocodileNote on Android for that. It stores all its files in one folder on. It also has a Windows client, but works just as well using any text editor on any platform Syncthing runs on if the built-in encryption is disabled. Currently syncing accross a plethora of devices running Windows, Android, and Linux. Works like a charm.

I use very powerful ConnectedText personal wiki and sync its database via ST.

Currently I am willing to migrate to dokuwiki because it stores notes in textfiles and also it has internal syncing mechanism,

Does someone know a Clipboard Manager (Android/PC) which uses a File Backend? I would like to Send/Recieve Clipboard Content (Mostly Text) between my Devices with Syncthing as an Backend

I used Google Keep (Android <-> PC sync), until I figured that they were probably mining my notes.

Denkzettel on the PlayStore is a decent Keep alternative for Android. Simple text notes, checklists, color, and it stores files locally as *.txt.

Easily synced to PC using Syncthing and opened there by any text editor, although all the cool formatting and colors are lost.

I’m using zim desktop wiki for my notes after trying out several apps that uses flat file and text storage like dokuwiki, wikidpad, simplecms, and testing syncthing for syncing now. from what i read, the author of zim desktop is making a mobile apps then will use that for a client-server setup zim.

I’m trying Orgzly, which syncs direct with ST without export/import needed. Early days, but looks promising.