Syncthing based Evernote alternative


I use Ditto. It keeps your clips in a Ditto.db file you can sync across devices. However, it is only for Windows. Also you have to modify it’s options to make sure the database size stays small. It will copy entire files and folders if you let it.

Handover syncs clipboards, and web links from certain apps like Chrome and Youtube. Works on almost any OS. It requires root and Xposed.

You must consider the security problem when keeping your entire clip history in sync. You often, unconsciously clip confidential information. Could be dangerous.



Why not sync the Evernote database file? It’s large so I could see where that would slow things down. Any other obstacles?

Alternatively, is there an app that allows you to paste entire web pages like Evernote does? This is my primary use of it.


(SiSa) #23

Why not sync the Evernote database file?

Not a good idea, it’ll definately break things on ALL of your evernote clients. don’t try it!

On the other hand, I don’t think, syncthing will ever sync the evernote-database completely, because its locked by evernote when the program is running (which will be most of the time for 95% of the evernote users). Additionaly, the database will change a lot of times while evernote is running and syncthing can’t catch up…

So it will only sync the database, when evernote is closed on all clients, and this -IMHO only!- will not be a normal usecase.

I repeat: don’t try it!

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(luke) #24

Just want to give you guys a quick heads up: There is a new taspaces version, which is way better than the old one and seems to suit as an Evernote alternative (at least for me) :slight_smile:

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