Syncing two large remote Hard Drives

Wonder if anyone can help. I fear I have set this up all wrong.

I wanted to sync two large 8TB hard drives, one in a PC and the other in a remote Server. I had already copied the folders/files between them when they were installed on the same PC so they matched (apart from one folder) with approx 4TB of folders/files. I set up Syncthing on both PC and Server and ran it on both. I added each’s device ID to the other and they connected. I added the drive to share on the PC (E:) and it provided a Folder ID. I added the drive to share on the Server (Coincidentally also E:) and used the same Folder ID as given on the PC. Both PC and Server spent days scanning. But I don’t think they are syncing as the one different folder has not copied across.

Is Syncthing even suitable for this scenario given the size of the data? It would only ever change once a month with a few GBs of data being added on the Server.

Depends on the hardware you’re working with, but it’s definitely possible. My own cluster syncs a similar amount of data without issues.

For help with your issue, screenshots from the GUI on both sides would be helpful.

Hi, I got it working but have run into another problem here:

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