Upper or lowercase characters problem with folder named "Windows"

I am syncing two large hard drives across two devices that contain backed up GIS Models. The way these models are backed up is they are saved in a folder structure which is “\C_\Windows\system32\Model”.

I copied all the files from one of the hard drives to the other using Robocopy while both were installed in the same PC.

For whatever reason the “Windows” folder in the file path for these models was converted into “windows” on the Hard Drive which is installed in a Windows Server PC. I do not know how this happened.

My problem is that I now get errors:

> syncing: checking parent dirs: remote "FileA\C_\windows" uses different upper or lowercase characters than local "FileA\C_\Windows"; change the casing on either side to match the other

Is there a way to disable the upper or lowercase characters setting, or perhaps a way of mass renaming the folders on the server back to “Windows”?

Not within Syncthing, but you could use PowerShell to simply run the command

Get-ChildItem -Path "windows" -Recurse | Rename-Item -NewName "Windows"

from within the parent folder, and it will process all folders names windows in subdirectories and rename them to Windows.

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