Syncing stuck at 99% Windows 10

Hi all, i just finished setting up Syncthing and everything went perfect, all files and subfolders are synchronized, but the Syncing bar is stuck at 99%. When i click on the “out of sync items (98 items, ~12.3 KiB)” i get only paths, not files. (pic related)

That led me to believe that the folder “date modified” differs, and indeed it does. The cause of that is probably me manually backing up those files in the past.

Is there anything i can do about this? Some command to ignore ‘date modified’ just in that folder? Something to override Syncthing’s settings? It’s annoying watching it sit at 99%, while on the other pc everything is green and up to date.

Check what the UI shows on the other side.

This is on a pc

Folders’ modified dates don’t match, i think that’s what’s causing the problem. But how do i fix that

Try stopping syncthing, running syncthing -reset-deltas on both sides and starting it again.

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That fixed my problem, thank you very much!

For anyone wondering, i set the launch options of a shortcut to

“C:\Users\Chola\Documents\Syncthing\syncthing.exe” -reset-deltas

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You only need to do this once, so don’t forget to change the shortcut back to .exe without parameters

I got that, thanks

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