Syncing stops after a few seconds

Hi, my setup is as follows:

I have one always-on machine, a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, running Freedombox with Syncthing enabled. This server is accessible from the outside.

And then there are 4 mobile devices (2 laptops, 2 android smartphones) all syncing several folders with the little server, mostly pictures, where the pictures from phones are transferred to the laptops where they get processed and eventually archived.

The connection with one of the laptops keeps dropping. Only the server has Global Discovery enabled. When I restart the server, the transfer rate is high but drops after a few seconds to zero.

Sometimes in the log of that laptop it shows “External host has closed a connection”, but not always.

All machines, when at home, are behind the same firewall with the server.

What am I doing wrong here?

Check the logs on both sides.

Spider sense says your Freedombox is Debian based and uses a really old version of Syncthing (< 0.14.46) that needs upgrading.

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On the versions:

Freedombox Syncthing version: v1.0.0-ds1, Linux (ARM)

Windows PC : v1.3.2 Windows (64 bit), the one who got stuck

Linux PC: v1.3.2, Linux (64 bit)

both smartphones: v1.3.2

This morning I restarted Syncthing on the server and the previously frequently interrupted 10Gb transfer picked up again and ran through all the way to completion…

Spider sense caught off guard? :wink:

No idea why it works now.

Spider sense still mostly correct, just not the cause of your problem :slight_smile:

Get the real (up-to-date) deal from - v1.0.0 is approaching ancientness. And there was a biggish bug fixed in v1.0.1 - I don’t remember what it was but I do remember trying (unsuccessfully) to get it into debian before the freeze for the latest stable.

That’s conceptually wrong. When at home it doesn’t matter (local connections can be established), but otherwise it’s to be expected that the mobile devices aren’t directly reachable (corporate FW, mobile data, …) while the server is. So the mobile devices need global discovery to get the address of the server and reach it, while the other way around it probably won’t work.

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Does the releases also apply to the ARM platform? The server is running on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+

And on the Global Discovery: Should it be enabled on the mobile devices and not on the always-on-server? I indeed understood it the other way around.

I don’t know, I think it does. Try it out.

And global discovery: What you “should” do is not change the defaults unless you have reason to, i.e. keep global discovery enabled on all clients. And I didn’t read any reason of yours yet (or missed it).

Yes, the repository (currently) contains builds for amd64, arm64, armel, armhf and i386 architectures.

Thanks for the confirmation. I was a bit impatient though and went ahead and all worked out fine. Now the server is on v1.3.2 as well.

All Hail the Syncthing Maintainers!!!

Tomorrow another day and will figure out that Global Discovery thingy. All is working well at the moment though, both locally and from the outside in.

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