Syncing folders with constant changes and big files

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I have a very similar scenario. Yet i don’t care so much about the two phases Edelf mentioned. I just want all files to get synced to the second machine.

The problem in my scenario is: We have some big files (>1GB) which are constantly changing. Even so i want them to get synced to the other machine in order to have a failover system in case the other one fails.

Currently “37 Objects, ~4.69 GiB” won’t sync, because they get modified during transfer over and over again.

Is there any way or mode to enable transfer of such changing files?

Maybe making a snapshot copy before syncing it, or something alike?

I was thinking about other combined solutions, like using a cronjob to copy the folder to a secondary folder once in a while and syncing that one, but this causes other problems, like deletions do not get synced anymore and in general added complexity.

Any ideas?


It won’t work, as syncing is not an atomic process, nor is a copy, so whatever your file is, it’s most likely going to end up corrupt, with different parts of the file from different time spans.

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