Syncing between 3 computers or more


I would like ask confirmation of what I believe I understood about using Syncthing to synchronize a folder between 3 computers or more.

Syncing between 3 computers (A,B,C) ‘triangularly’ (i.e. simultaneously A with B, B with C, C with A) is not possible : it is only possible to sync in a ‘star-diagram’ (i.e. A with B and A with C but not B with C).

Right ?

Not right.

Ok. Then, how do I configure this ?

I mean : in which order should you be configuring the sync between the 3 computers ?

It doesn’t matter. Add them as you like, just make sure the folder ID matches.

But then,

I create the folder on computer A choose to share it with computers B and C. When I receive the invite on computer B, in the settings, I can share the folder with computers B (already selected and makes obvious sense) and C (not selected by default and I am not sure - should I ?).

If you like. You’ll then get the prompt on C as well.

Ok. It was the multiple prompts that were confusing me. Thanks.

Just wanted to add that I have multiple systems on syncthing and despite trying pretty much every topology between them, have never gotten things to break.

I would say that it is probably a good thing to maximize the number of connections between servers so that you don’t lose connectivity in case a node falls over.

Also, if you’re moving a large amount of data to a new node (I just wiped a machine last night and had to move most of a TB to it via syncthing) it’s advantageous to have multiple machines copying shares to the target machine at once. The processor intensive part seems to be on the side of the sending nodes so I was able to double my transfer speeds by alternating which node I shared each folder from.

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