Advice on using syncing with 3 computers


I would like to ask for some advice on properly syncing 3 computers,

The 3 computers:

  1. Home PC (A)
  2. Work PC (B)
  3. NAS (C)

I’ve bought a used synology nas (C) for the purpose of syncing files remotely.

I was able to accomplish this using Dropbox style sync in which I sync files from the NAS (C) which acts like a Dropbox Server for Home PC (A) and Work PC (B)

There is no link between (A) and (B)

(B) <–> (C) <–> (A)

Is this the syncthing way?

Or Should I create a link between (A) and (B)?

I’m a bit hesistant to link the (A) and (B) because I have bad internet connection here. There would be times I have no internet connection and so cannot remotely sync, I need to bring the Work PC at home to sync with the NAS. My concern is that if connect the 3 computer, and I was not able to sync with the NAS fully and the Work pc sync with the Home PC then there would be problems.

I’ve read some thread regarding this, but I just want to be sure.:smiley:


As long as they’re connected to each other somehow (i.e., b-c-a) things will work. It’s not necessary to also connect b to a unless you want data to flow directly between those devices.

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Thank you calmh! I will stick with my current setup for now. :blush:

I use this kind of setup for my personal needs regularly.

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