Synchronize between computers

Hi, I cannot use a DeviceID to synchronize multiple devices because the DeviceID are the same; therefore how can I share a folder between devices / computers ?

Don’t copy random stuff and set it up from scratch properly?

Device IDs can only be the same if you’ve copied Syncthing’s internal configuration folder to the other device somehow. Don’t do that. Stop both instances, find and delete the configuration folder and start from scratch. See here for where the config is usually stored:

I didn’t do what you mentioned; it was installed via a NAS so how both computers in this case got the same DeviceID is unknown.

What do you mean with “installed via a NAS”?

The decisive factor is not the device ID, but the folder ID, which makes a big difference. The device ID is always different and by making the device ID known between the devices, they can communicate and exchange folder IDs and folder information.

A device can then be assigned in a new folder.


If I have understood correctly, you can solve your topic in such way.

I don’t understand the tab and which setting you are showing in your screen shots ?

It was installed as an app for my NAS like Synology etc.

I use also several Synology with Syncthing nativ and Docker installations. But also on Windows- Linux-PCs and Android Smartphones. On NAS and PCs the platform is different, but software and functionallity is the same.

First picture you open with the very below button “Add Remote Device” an the right side of main GUI


The second is the button “Add folder” on the left side



Maybe the documentation helps in addition

Maybe we need to go back to understanding the actual problem. How do you come to this conclusion that your Device IDs are the same? Where did you see that? Screenshots of the Web GUI may help in understanding, and please indicate where you see something that looks wrong to you.

When I log into Synchronize on each computer and I check its DeviceID; they are both the same.

I have two folders a default folder and a customer folder both are unshared but in any case I cannot connect a remote device to either because the DeviceID are the same ?

That would not be in the normal way. And from the ID’s point of view, the software does not establish a connection with itself. The IDs must be different.

Have you copied or cloned the installation from one device to another or in which way may possible that the IDs are the same? I am asking because in a regular installation the software generates the device ID and this remains unchanged.

How can I copy or clone the installation from one device or another if it was only installed on one device on a NAS.

Shouldn’t the installation of SyncThing detect based on the login of the computer to the NAS the different DeviceID’s ?

Your answers confusing.


Did you actually install Syncthing on two devices?

Or are you maybe just accessing the same Syncthing instance (installed on the NAS) from two different computers?

Note that Syncthing is a client-to-client synchronization program. It needs to be installed separately on each client that wants to participate in the synchronization.

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This is correct.

Well that’s not how it works. You need to install Syncthing separately on each device that should synchronize a folder. Then access each device’s own GUI, they will have different Device IDs and be able to connect to each other.

Since I want to sync between two Windows computers must I install SyncTrayzor; or is there another way and how can I get the DeviceID as to edit the cert.perm and key.perm ?

You can just run the bare Syncthing executable but SyncTrayzor will be much easier, especially if this your very first Syncthing installation.

Definitely don’t go editing any .pem files. It’s much easier, you just have to install the software on both Windows computers and they will each generate their own Device ID automatically.

Yes, SyncTrayzor is an option (which I use as well). Or another one with slightly different features: GitHub - Martchus/syncthingtray: Tray application and Dolphin/Plasma integration for Syncthing