Synchronize between computers

Is there another way besides installing a program whether easier or not ?

Well, if you use just the plain syncthing.exe available directly from the project site (Syncthing | Downloads, under “Base Syncthing”), there is no real installation. You just download the EXE and run it. Which is perfectly fine, but there are some advantages using the more comfortable wrappers.

But in principle, no, Syncthing is a system where each participating device needs to run the program locally. There is no central “server” installation.

As I have Syncthing installed on a NAS; and each computer in this case; windows computer is having the same deviceID. The only way is to install SyncTrayzor or the GitHub application you posted which will give each computer it’s own deviceID therefore allowing it to sync ?

Currently I have created a folder but it’s unshared because of the above reason.

Syncthing is peer-to-peer software. You need to run it on each device separately. This is the only way.

I want to understand, install either mentioned programs on each computer and then any folders will share instead of currently they are unshared ?

Once you’ve got Syncthing running everywhere, then you need to connect the devices with each other, and then you can share folders between them. Please read up if you haven’t already. The instructions on using the GUI are the same regardless if you decide to run the bare Syncthing executable or SyncTrayzor.

I understand but there is a difference and that difference is understanding how each computer will get its DeviceID.

From what I understand it is typical to install SyncThing on each computer or device but in this case everything is centralized on a NAS so therefore how can each computer get its own DeviceID if there is only one DeviceID.

So somehow, whatever that some how is; whether it’s one of those two programs mentioned above have to get the DeviceID for each computer ?

An important detail here is that each Syncthing instance is controlled separately, through its own local GUI. You insist that the device IDs are “the same”. But I think you’re just looking in the wrong place. You are always looking at the Syncthing instance running on your NAS, although from different computers each with their local browser.

After installing it on the Windows PCs, you need to open the local GUI there. Not on your NAS. Then you will find different device IDs. In the case of SyncTrayzor, that’s what you see in the window that opens by double clicking the tray icon. Otherwise, it can be reached under http://localhost:8384 in your browser.

Don’t worry about “getting different device IDs” at all. There is simply no centralized mode, but each Syncthing installation is autonomous and fully functional, created equal to all others. Then you make connections by mutually adding the device IDs. But first each computer needs its own Syncthing running. You are stuck looking at the same Syncthing on your NAS, but that is just one side of the connection. You need the same on the other side.

Maybe think of it like a bank account. You can’t transfer money without having another bank on the other side to receive it. With Syncthing, it’s not “typical” to install on each device, but that’s simply how it works. No other way. No specialized central case.

I understand I need the same on the other side; but how, by simply installing one of the previous programs mentioned ? As there doesn’t seem to be any other way, I was thinking editing the certificate files but you mentioned leave them as is.

Yes. Install SyncTrayzor on one Windows PC. Then open its interface (from the Start Menu, or the small icon on the task bar if already started). There you will see a GUI just like the one on your NAS, but with a different device ID.

Let’s get your setup this far, then look at the rest.

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