sync two folder same device?

Is possible sync two folder into the same device?? I have one partition what is constant format and other working as a cluster (collecting data and personal information)

Thanks in advance

I’d say it is possible, but not intended. You could run two instances on one device, but that produces much overhead compared to local sync solutions. I’d recommend rsync or unison (rsync with a nice GUI)

Yeah, syncthing is not really made for that. You can also try using csync

Let me know if you need some help writing a sync script. I’ve got a couple examples in bash which might be helpful.

Any new ideas about this issue? It would help having simple & quick backup

It’s not a usecase we support.

I found a work around solution. I shared one of the folders with other computer that has syncthing installed. Then synced the shared folder with the other local folder.

Thank you. David.

Not sure how you did it, as it would require two folders with the same id pointing at the same path, which should show you warnings. Anyways, syncthing is not for backups, as if you delete a file, it gets deleted on your backup too.

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