Sync over "ethernet" only (actually over USB)

Sync over “ethernet” only (actually over USB but the connection show up as an “ethernet connection” on Ubuntu


I am VNC’ing into my laptop from the phone. Somewhat unusually I’m using a USB cable for the connection.

I have syncthing running on the phone and on the laptop.

I want to set sync to local only as I have to pay for Internet per MB. I. e. I don’t want syncthing to sync over internet, just over the USB cable.

Is there a way to do this?


Samsung Galaxy 5

Laptop running Ubuntu 15.10

If the connection between the two devices shows up as a network card or something similar you can block syncthing to go on “internet” using a firewall so to restrict it to be able to reach only the IP of the other device.

Or set device addresses manually, or use device allowed IP ranges, or disable global discovery, all depending on what your setup actually looks like…

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