Sync Large Directory with Raspberry Pi3 (Deadlock?)


I’m trying to use SyncThing to sync a 350GB directory of data between a home server(Intel i3, 32 GB Ram, etc) with a Raspberry Pi3 that has external hard drives attached to it via USB. Both are on my home LAN. The home server is running Debian and I’ve been using SyncThing with it and my mobile devices (Phones and laptop) for a few years now and it runs great. I want to backup important data to the Pi3 using SyncThing. Installing SyncThing on the Pi3 went great and I have Debian and the Pi3 seeing one another along with the 350GB directory on the Debian server. I should state that the data folder (350GB) on Debian is set to “Send Only” and on the Pi3 the receiving folder is set to “Send/Receive” and has NO versioning. The external USB drive it’s using has ample room of 1TB.

The sync process started and made it to about 5% (16.2GB) before it just “stalled”. When I login to the SyncThing GUI on the Pi3 it says the data folder is “out of sync”. According to it there are 23k+ files and 334GB of data out of sync. That’s the amount of data that needs to come from the Debian server. On the Debian syncthing GUI, it say’s it’s syncing (5% complete) with the Pi3 but the data transfer rate is 0B/s. There’s some kind of dead lock here. On the Pi, SyncThing is constantly using 75%+ of the CPU when I run the top command. On Debian, hardly anything. Just blips of CPU usage here and there.

I don’t think the Pi wrote anything to the directory it’s using to Sync the data. So I don’t think it’s trying to send data back to Debian which would reject it because Debian is set to “Send Only”.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?



I’ll add one more thing I just noticed. On Debian (the master) it says the Global state is 26303 files, 2192 directories and ~350 GiB of data. On the Pi3 it’s reporting the Global state as 25295 files, 2112 dirs and ~333 GiB of data. That’s not the global state obviously, that’s roughly the amount of data the Pi3 needs to pull from Debian. Weird.

I forget how slow the pi3 is, but it might just be preparing the pull queue…

Is there a log file to see what SyncThing is doing in this case?

ST logs to standard output so the existence of a log file depends on how you start it.

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