Suggestion on "Permission Denied" Error Message

related to Explicit error messages .

the “permission denied” error would be more useful if it told me the machine on which the permission was denied. was it my client13 that failed to set read permission sufficiently nicely, or my client5 that failed to have write permission?

bonus: if it is an enclosing directory write error, it would be even nicer if this could be noted, too. if there are uid issues (typically in my case inadvertent root ownership, a special case) a hint to this effect would be good, too.

hopefully, this is not difficult.

All error messages are local, we don’t send error messages across the network to other devices, except for disconnection reasons.

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Offering suggestions based on error specifics is tricky as we’re very cross platform and many error specifics are only available in text form, in whatever the system language happens to be. It’s not something I think we should get into, but if someone wants to contribute a cool library to interpret error messages and offer suggestions that’d be welcome.