Explicit error messages


It often happens to get an error “Sync is blocked pausing the poller for 1 minute”. It would be nice to have more details without having to open the logs, i.e: file name, error type (permission denied, …).

What do you think?

Yes, this is currently crap. What’s going on should/must be visible from the GUI somehow. I don’t really want to expose a regular log in the UI, but even that would be better than how it is now…

I think even a raw log line would be more practical.

Another error that could use some love:

It would be good to have the name of the folder/device trying to add the file. And actually it should not show up at all because it’s in the folder not yet added.

Edit: I gave a look at the source I think IndexUpdate should not be called before the folder is added on both side.