Steam deck not making folder

So either if I sync a folder from my pc or make a folder on my steam deck for some reason even though I press allow the folder isn’t made in the directory that I choose. There are two things I need to allow though in the actual app there’s the allow and deny prompt that comes up at the top when I sync my pc folder and also in the bottom left not on the app but as a steam deck notification it asks me to either accept folder or deny folder but the notification is bugged as it says accept folder twice, so there are three buttons, I tried both of the accept folder buttons but neither of them actually made a sync folder in my directory. What do I do?

Based on your description, it sounds like you might have been using the Flatpak package on your Steam Deck and were running two instances of the tray indicator.

  • What method you used to install Syncthing on the PC? (the exact steps would be helpful)
  • What method you used to install Syncthing on the Steam Deck? (the exact steps would be helpful)
  • Screenshots of Syncthing’s web GUI with the Syncthing folder and devices panels expanded so the details are visible.
  • Any, and all, other relevant details would be helpful.

Well I got it on my pc from the official website and I got it on my steam deck from the program discovery store on the task manager (Linux task bar) and it has been working for however long I’ve been using it but suddenly it stopped working on my steam deck as the program can’t make a folder anywhere even though I press allow and accept folder

Oh, so the problem is with adding a new Syncthing folder?

Could post screenshots of Syncthing’s web GUI?

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