ST not connecting using Tor proxy in 0.13.1

Hi all, an old problem which was solved by calmh in 0.12 last January is back. When connecting to a device via Tor hidden service I get this error (the actual service name has been replaced by xxxx):

[UTXVT] 2016/05/20 16:05:38.235092 service.go:347: DEBUG: dial failed TF2HZQ3-RCHC6OG-IMQZ76H-RZ2AM5U-XUXXU5-UQ4SXXL-GHFELKL-2HW2IAC tcp://xxxx.onion lookup xxxx.onion on no such host

The old post is this The all_proxy is set as always equal to socks5://

Any help will be appreciated. We now have about 20 devices connecting this way.

Thanks for your great work and best regards.

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Open an issue on github.

Done! Issue #3129 opened.

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