ST 1.5.0 - constantly flickering status


I’ve setup two test nodes and - just for test purposes - tried to sync one of the useless’d folders ever: %LocalAppData%.

Here are the screenshots of the “localapp” folder in question.

Node A:

Node B:

On both nodes, the sync status flickers. It fastly changes between the following texts:

Node A: Out of Sync > Preparing to Sync > Syncing 99% > (… the same again …)

Node B: Scanning > Failed Items > (… the same again …)

It takes approx. 50 msecs until the states change. I constantly see some ~2 to 3 KB/sec transfer rate on the Web UI (counting up).


Logs of both nodes: 2020-05-12_log_of_both_nodes.txt (67.0 KB)

I expected Syncthing would handle this more gracefully instead of retrying every milliseconds again to pull the file.

I think this is a bug in the handling files that have changed on disk and needing rescan. There’s a constant stream of failed requests from A triggering constant rescans on B causing constant updates to A which retries and requests from B… Maybe the rescan never happens.

There was a fix for something similar in 1.6.0. You might try that.

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And model debug logging (especially on A) would have the interesting bits (though if Jakobs suggestion works that’s moot).

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Just to follow up: I’ll try to fresh-setup this test scenario again with v1.6.0 when it’s out.