Some remote client show up disconnected

Hi everyone,

I deployed syncthing over a VPN and it does act fine until now.

I have a file server and have set the sync folder to Folder Master,

then I connect all my remote sites with my own discovery server but somehow some of them show up disconnected,

when I remotely log onto the remote client, I can see it received my initial introducer’s other clients and syncing with each other,

how come it had connected with the Folder Master before, then no longer keep connected? because I plan to use this as a monitoring purpose

P.S. I am running it in a cross connected VPN and internet, my File Server connected both syncthing announcement server and my own discovery server just fine, all my remote client in VPN can connect to my own disconvery server.

and fyi, I am running this on around 100 computer across the city.

Make sure devices are in the same subnet, firewall settings are correct, and if in a NAT UPnP succeeds. Also, make sure you are using thelatest version

I started update them towards 0.11.22, and everything looks quite perfectly.

except the Master Folder still appear Out of Sync and require me to keep clicking on the Override changes button.

since I’m running most of them in VPN, is it possible to have them auto update thru my server?

or can you embed a update server option in the furture?

because manually update 80+ client is quite an issue, thus I can’t overwritten the file without closing it down in windows, right?

so please consider this a future development ^^

nice! :smile:

You might be able to overwrite it while its running. Also, if you use kfficial upgrade channels its a non-issue. Or just schedule a midnight restart, which if somw file exists replaces the binary. I personally feel (does not reflect everyone) that this is not a feature we want ans you’ll have to work around it yourself, unless you want to implement it in order to get it merged.

do you think it’s possible to sync the syncthing folder to perform such update…?

did anybody try this? (just curious) XD

also I have another small question… I saw my computers are up-to-date but still a lot of conflict files remain in there, how to make them disappear automatically after sync have complete.(since I do hit override button from master folder, I only want everything follow my master folder)

@JinxGenius have you set ignore pattern ? I currently use ST for 20 field laptops (Linux and Windows). The main problem I have with Override was that windows create hidden files for thumbnails (thumbs.db). After it has been ignored, the problem has been fixed.

@xJMV good point on the thumbnail, I’ll try that, thanks for the info.

I would not recomment that, as that will sync config and the db which will probably corrupt it.

@xJMV should the patten ignore set on the master folder or on each client? because I just tried on master folder and it keeps show up out of sync and the files are thumbs.db :confused:

@JinxGenius on each… thumbs.db & the other ini file windows often use must be ignored on every windows setup… To get thing easy, I even copy/paste it on linux system so all setup have the same ignore list.

does the .stignore file get sync to other clients too…? because it’s within the sync folder, if so, I don’t have to access each client and edit the ignore pattern, right?

.stingore is local only. So you need access to each. You can configure ignore via the web based GUI so remote access is enough…

oh god, I need to find a way for it, it’s 80+ computer to modify >.<

Out of sync list does not have file path, so some files at different folder but with the same name like Thumbs.db appear and I don’t know where they should be located.

They do if you hover over them, iirc.

I know how they come from, but I have folders included in the sync folder and I just don’t know which file they are talking about, there’s no file path in the out of sync list

There is if you hover over them:

since you are managing so many computers I’m sure you have logon-scripts, robocopy, xcopy, etc. at your disposal. You could also set up a script that is run with every VPN connect and copies the master .stignore to the client. You could also use this to copy the latest syncthing.exe and then start Syncthing

Maybe we could add an “info” icon and use a different mouse cursor/dotted underline like so: