Snycthing waking computer

I run Syncthing on an always-on server as well as my desktop computer. My desktop computer (Win 10) is set to start Syncthing on boot and run it in the background. After setting this up I noticed the computer would go to sleep as usual, then start back up <1min later without any reason. When I stop Syncthing on the server my desktop sleeps without issue, leading me to think Syncthing is waking it up.

Is this Syncthing, and is their anything I can do to prevent it from waking the desktop?

How exactly have you installed and configured Syncthing on Windows? Is it just the stand-alone executable or rather a wrapper like SyncTrayzor? Is there anything suspicious recorded in the Event Viewer during the whole sleep-wakeup process?

On Windows it is the standalone executable installed using Scoop. I setup auto start following the directions in the docs, using the “Run at system startup” section.

Windows has the server set as an introducer.

Event Viewer mentions the wake up source is my network card.

This is unrelated. I don’t think there’s any user-customisable setting inside Syncthing that could cause such a behaviour on purpose. I personally don’t use sleep, so I can’t really say anything with confidence about whether this kind of problems is common or not.

It the network card is responsible though, you can probably work around the problem, at least for the time being, by changing this option in the Device Manager.

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