Since Windows 10 upgrade all stopped syncing

Hey Guys,

Nothing changed apart from my OS, same firewall, save rules, etc.

Now I can’t get it to sync between 3 machines, Windows 10 on 2, Windows 7 on one.

V 1.0.32 SynTrayor & v0.12.7 Syncthing

What options do I need to ‘activate’ to provide an output, to allow you god like creatures to see why it’s stopped all of a sudden?

I stupidly initially posted in the ‘bug tracker’ first (brain not firing on all cylinders at the mo) and before the ticket was closed I was advised.

“Ideally provide logs setting STTRACE to discovery”

So I have gone into the advanced settings on SyncTrayzor and put in

STTRACE=discovery in the Environmental Variables (I think that is the right place)

Now the LOG that is required for analysis is the one located in


called LOG with no extension?

Or am I going about this the wrong way to start with?


The current release of Syncthing + SyncTrayzor doesn’t write to a dedicated log file for Syncthing’s log output. Log output is written to the console at the bottom of the window though: you can copy from there.

The next release will have much better support for logging.

You want a straight copy and paste? this is a big list, of what appears to be exactly the same lines over and over again. Or you want me to host it at pastebin or similar?

Probably paste bin, but make sure you enable discovery debug options etc. [backslash] Luk5axXB - Output from Machine 1 with Windows 10 [backslash] M6a7RCUj - Output from Machine 2 with Windows 10 [backslash] W611zY7B - Output from Machine with Windows 7

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Please be aware, sometimes when I restart them, they will all connect and sync, but after syncing they disconnect (I’m notified bottom right corner with windows 10) and then they never try to sync again.

Hope this helps, any other information needed please ask.

Could you narrow down the log at the point they fail to connect? Also this time set STTRACE to discovery,connections

Ok, so contains all three, in a 10 minute chunk, with the extra bit you asked for. Again, after the restart they all started to connect and sync, but were going, very, very, slow, I figured why not try to disable comodo on all the machines. Disabling them must have caused the disconnect, but they disconnected and failed to reconnect. It looks to me like they are losing the IP address? maybe as windows 10 defaults to IPV6, over IPV4 (as I don’t know the inner workings of the software, I’m just guessing).

If you see within the pastebin for the word Breakhere that will give you the start of the chunks.

It’s consistently saying

Replaced address in tcp:// to get tcp://[fe80::757d:556d:b045:bc44%25Ethernet]:22000

There is something funky with local discovery spamming, but after it disconnected, you didn’t log for long enough to see where it tries to dial (if it tries to dial).

Do the machines have multiple network adapters (physical or virtual)?

For device HKWOOLO can you also add beacon to the list of debug params? And after it fails to connect, keep logging for 5 or so minutes, but take note of when it disconnects so that it would be easier to follow the logs.

I think mmy HKWOOOLO is my windows 7 machine, but even when I turn off the ‘Obfuscate’ I don’t appear to see the names? but I have added beacon into that one.

The problem I am facing with this, I can’t always see when it disconnects, or when it connects, all my machines are in different locations.

I do know that I created a file called


and at 9.00pm it still hadn’t sync’d with the other machines.

That doesn’t mean they are disconnected, there could be some permissions error, or ignores error, etc, so you have to see why it has failed. But you said that it shows up disconnected?

Yeah, I get a ‘toast message’ it would be called, it pops up and says.

I now know which is the machine, as the HKWOOLO is the first part of the ID for the machine, so I know which machine it is now, i’ve added beacon to that one and restarted them all.

On a restart they all Sync, it’s like they forgot to keep trying after a successful sync.

Forgot to reply to this, yeah, one machine does, as I have Virtual Box and VMWare installed. That is the machine you asked me to put beacon on.

Latest log after the failure, I’ve put big spaces between were I believe it failed.

It seems it just doesn’t reconnect. What is the reconnect interval set to in advanced config? We might need a custom build to debug this better.

progressUpdateIntervalS = 5 reconnectionIntervalS = 60 relayReconnectIntervalM = 10

Use this build when it finishes, and get a new set of logs for STTRACE=discovery,connections

I am just putting this on the machine that appeared to be having issues? or am I putting this on all machines? also I’m correct in saying it’s the syncthing.exe that is located in

C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor ?

Yeah it is. I think placing it on one of the machines and getting logs from it should be sufficient.