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I am seeing the same issue as was reported in this previous posting.

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I have found a workaround but thought I should report it as it might be a bug of help someone else. When I to open the GUI outside my LAN I do not see all the settings on the settings page. Additionally I cannot make changes to them when I click save. There is not error it just does not happen. If I am on the LAN and use the local IP address to access the GUI it works correctly just not outside. I do have port forwarding setup for port 8384 and I’m pretty sure it used to work in the past. My working around it to just use VPN and get directly on to my LAN and I then have access.


There is an Insecure Host Check setting in advanced settings which you might have to enable. It checks that your browser sends the same host header as the listen address (which doesn’t match if you are forwarding the port most likely)

That check only applies when the listen address is which it presumably isn’t if a port forward works. (It is a problem when Syncthing is running listening on localhost and on the same machine as a reverse HTTP proxy though.)

I suggest checking the browser Javascript console to see what errors are reported.

It’s not clear how the port is forwarded, if it’s ssh forwarding or something like that then it’s perfectly possible this is the issue.

Yep. Worth looking into. But specifically for SSH forwards it usually works out of the box as it’s usually localhost on the source computer as well. :slight_smile:

I am forwarding on my router. Forwarding external port 8384 to my Ubuntu box that is running Syncthing. I get the page with my folders, etc. Its when I open the Settings that I have the issue.

One other thing I had noticed which could be totally unrelated is that my inotify stopped working and I’ve seen REST errors in the log for that.

I suggest you post the errors, as now we can’t debug anything.

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