Rescan Interval on "passive" devices



I use Syncthing on a device which works as some kind of “server” (S) (24 / 7 on) for the other nodes. On that device I have set the rescan interval to 1 day, because no files in the Syncthing folders should be changed manually on the server. I assumed that the drives won’t go to idle mode, if they are rescanned every 60 seconds.

If I change a file on any client node © it is pushed to S immediately after the rescan interval on C and I’m totally fine with this behavior.

My question is, if it could cause any trouble (conflicts or so; I don’t know) with this high rescan intervals on S, or if high intervals are fine if there shouldn’t be any changed files on that device.

Thanks for your help.

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If no files on the server are changed by the server, then you’re fine.

The rescan interval is only used to figure out that a file on the filesystem has changed, which Syncthing wouldn’t otherwise know about.

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