Request: Notify if haven't synced for X days

We just lost a month of pictures after realizing syncthing wasn’t running when my wife’s SD card went bad. Dual-mode failure!

It made me realize that I’d like a warning if syncthing hasn’t connected for several days.

We use it to sync our Android phones (pics, etc) to our server.

Is that possible?

Thanks! :hugs:

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You can hook something up to query the API and alarm. I see market for something like that.

Also you have last seen time on all the other devices. Syncthing sending emails is definitely out of scope.

Is there anything I can do in Android via Tasker or another app to query the API? Or, any other method to be notified if my phone hasn’t connected/synced in a while? It’d be ideal for it to be native to the Android app to avoid even more opportunities for error, but if there’s something stable I could do, I’m open to it. Thanks!

The time of last connection is visible in the UI, what exactly are you after

So, consider this hypothetical situation…

You’ve got your smartphone set to sync to a local server with lots of hdd space and redundancy so you don’t lose any data if your phone is broken/lost/stolen.

You set it… And forget it. Syncthing works perfectly for months, and you have a sense of security that it will continue in perpetuity.

Then one day, the power goes out. The server comes back online, but syncthing/synctrayzor doesn’t start back up with it. You don’t realize it because you’ve never had to worry about it, and you’ve been particularly busy, with work travel, buying and selling a house, and other things.

A month later, your SD card gets corrupted, you realize your latest backup is a month old, and you’ve lost a month of memories.

If only there was a feature in the syncthing Android app that would produce a notification on your phone if it hadn’t connected/synced for a period of xx hours/days… You would have realized that it needed your attention, and you would have restarted synctrayzor on your server.

That’s what I’m after. :smiley:

@Catfriend1 Are you the dev for the android app now? Any chance of implementing this in the wrapper? I’d love to see it as well as the OP, and I suspect quite a few others

This is a “and a kitchen sink” sort of feature.

Making sure your software is running is definitely not our problem.

Sending emails from an android app is just mad.

Setup prometheus and alertmanager on your server, or add syncthing to run as a service and setup monitoring yourself externally.

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I’m yet unsure if the “sink” should be implemented and - in case of yes - how much of it is good to keep the app simple. Currently, I’m friendly towards showing the device last seen time on the devices tab ( ). Well understanding your use case and reasoning, I have a lot of rare online (hotspot connected) devices from friends and family for which a notification would not be satisfying because I know they come online with long time gaps in-between. Another idea would be to make the reminder configurable. Give me some time, please, to think about it before taking a decision.

P.S. Monitoring can be done with Zabbix at zero costs, for example. Some other user posted a cool template to integrate Syncthing into the monitoring software. (I’ve posted a link on another thread in the past for that…)

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I agree. I am imagining the Android app could send a notification using the system notifications API.

I also agree, but it’s probably easier for somebody like Catfriend1 to come up with a nice system for notifying about stale sync status than it is for thousands of users to do it themselves. It may not be his problem, but it would be much appreciated if he/she found the time to gift people a useful feature.

Sure, every feature we have is much appreciated, please don’t think I’m ungrateful.

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Thanks everybody for the feedback. I also agree that sending an email would miss the mark of what I was suggesting. I just thought a gentle nudge in the form of a notification that a sync hadn’t connected/completed for a while would be a useful feature, if the user elects to be notified.


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Yeah, one thing I’m planning on doing is setting up a scheduled job on the server to query syncthing and if someone hasn’t connected in a week, it’ll let me know and I can ping them.

If anyone has, say, a handy cron job/windows batch (depending on lin/win) they’re already using, it might be nice if, as a community, we started with that and polished it up a bit, as an ancillary solution, rather than tacking it directly onto Syncthing. Plus we could all start using it immediately.

You might be able to get some of this stuff via the cli (or expand it for features you are after).

@HalfNote5 you could take a look at Zabbix monitoring template - Zabbix is free oss on linuxes.

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