Renaming Man.jpg to man.jpg on Windows causes duplicate on Linux

My scenario

Windows with ntfs β†’ create a file named Man.jpg

synced with my

xubuntu with ext4 β†’ Man.jpg gets synced

change the name of Man.jpg to man.jpg on my windows pc

i have now Man.jpg and man.jpg on my xubuntu, thats not really synced right ? :confused:

In short, on the Windows side we detect man.jpg as a new file, but when checking for Man.jpg we can see that it still exists (because case insensitive). Hence we interpret it as a new file and not a rename. It’s a bug.

To fix this, rename the file to foo.jpg (or anything that is not a case-only variant on man.jpg), make sure that change is scanned and synced, then rename it back.

Ok, i try it, thanks calmh.

Jakob, change your picture, man.

Too damn serious.