Doublettes after Deleting are created again. (Case sensitive Renaming issue)


ST v0.12.18 is installed here on win/linux clients. Windows-client is folder master, linux is slave.

Filesystems are NTFS and EXT4. (I did the mount command on the linux client and it shows type ext4 (usrjquota=aquota.user,,jqfmt=vfsv0,synoacl for that drive. If I can give more information, please let me know)

Posts read, but not nescesarely understood/considered :slight_smile:

The Phenomenon:

renaming (only changing the case of the name i.e. “hello” to “Hello”) a folder on a win7-client results in two folders on the linux client. “hello” and “Hello” with same content.

I’m aware of that problem as it exists since the age of different filesystems, but

a) I’m curious, why the linux client shows the same amount of files in the webgui as the win7 client but has a lof of more directories (so obvious more files).

b) I deleted a lot of foldes on the linux slave, which contained those folder-“doublettes”, because its easier to delete the root of 5 dozen folders once, instead of eeach of the 5 dozens… after a while, the master showed that “overwrite changes” button, so I clicked that a couple of times.

Interestingly, after a while of syncing to the linux client, the folder doublettes where created again! (“hello” and “Hello” instead of only “Hello”, which exists on the win7-master) I didn’t renamed any folder in that time and the folders on the win7-master do not contain those doubles.

Question: How is that possible? (re-creating folders, which do not exist on the host, after deleting them from the slave and pressing “overwrite changes”) and how can I be sure, not to get them again and again? (because they take about 50GB…)

It’s not clear from your post which one is master.

“Windows-client is folder master, linux is slave”

Well windows thinks that both folders still exist, because it checks for Hello, and given it’s case insensitive, it says it exists, and it checks for hello, which also exists.

When you force override, it essentially forces linux to have a copy of the same directory, because both are still on disk and in the index, atleast from windows perspective.

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