Removed shared folders keep reappearing

I’m syncing files between a Synology (Realtek RTD1296) NAS and Linux. I’ve tried to delete a couple of shared folders from the NAS, but they keep coming back and I don’t know how to remove them completely. Also, on my other device (Linux) I keep getting asked if I want to add these shares, but I click “ignore” every time. I guess I’m doing something wrong, I just want to get rid of these shares somehow.

I don’t use auto accept anywhere. The last time I solved this was by just removing all config files and start from scratch but I’d prefer not to start from the beginning again. It seems to work fine to have them on pause, but I’d rather get rid of them.

Edit: Can I just remove the shared folders inside the config-file for the shares I want to get rid off? As a newbie I’d prefer a GUI method.

Is possible to send some screenshots? On the Synology side the setting

“Ignore Permissions” is needed for a smoothly running.

You can of course delete the corresponding folders via the GUI and correct the directories manually. However, this should not be a permanent solution.

Hi again! I have to admit I haven’t been tinkering too much with the settings on the Synology side. There is an advanced tab which seems to get its data from the settings file, and the folders I’d like to remove are present there as well. I found it logical to click “remove” to remove a share, but there has to be another method to remove a folder permanently?

I will use “ignore permissions” in the future for my active shares though.

There are lots of other oddities, with devices switching between offline and online constantly so I figured it might be some problem with the synology version of syncthing since it’s on a realtek cpu. I will try to disable syncthing on the NAS and then remove the shares from settings.xml.

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