Cannot delete sync folder

I removed a folder on both sides, and subsequently deleted all the files on one side. On the other side, every time syncthing restarts, the folder magically reappears with errors. This is the same as this issue, which was automatically closed without resolution.

I’ve tried various things to get rid of it, and now it is in a state of “out of sync” with one failed item that says

The following items could not be synchronized. They are retried automatically and will be synced when the error is resolved.

I have tried deleting the file and/or copying this file over manually from elsewhere, but I can’t get rid of the error. With the error in place it seems to prevent me from deleting the sync.

Note that this is on a Synology NAS, running version v1.3.4, Linux (ARM). That seems to be the latest version in Package Center, despite running 1.18 elsewhere.

All I want to do is delete the sync. Any ideas?

Does the folder come back after refreshing the page? Have you checked the logs?

The folder does not reappear on a refresh, only a restart of syncthing. The relevant lines in the log are;

2021-07-23 19:04:40 Completed initial scan of receiveonly folder "Michael - ReadyNAS - Pictures" (jk5az-fquhj)
2021-07-23 19:04:40 Puller (folder "Michael - ReadyNAS - Pictures" (jk5az-fquhj), item "Originals/1980/01/Kaye IMG_2097.jpg.gz"): pull: generic error
2021-07-23 19:04:40 "Michael - ReadyNAS - Pictures" (jk5az-fquhj): Failed to sync 1 items

The “generic error” is the same thing I see in the UI.

Is the error appearing on the same device you are removing the folder?

Is the folder that you have problems removing the same one as mentioned in the logs?

I guess there might be something bad with the way syncthing is packaged, as I assume that is what keeps adding the folder back. I suggest you uninstall it, and try to find a way to get a more recent version, with hipefully more sensible packaging.

The error does appear on the device I’m removing it from. And it is the one in the logs. I haven’t had any other problems with the package, only this.

There are two Synology packages available. The other needs to be manually installed, rather than via Package Center, but I have no idea what version it’s up to. I assume installing either package from scratch will “fix” the problem because it will start empty.

Since it doesn’t happen on the other side, I’m guessing it was a defect in 1.3 that has been since fixed. If I do re-install, is there any way I can have it use the same Device Id so I don’t have to delete everything and set them all up again? Alternatively, is it sitting in a file/database somewhere that I can just manually remove with syncthing stopped?

Thanks for your very prompt assistance btw

EDIT: I thought I could fool it by changing the folder path to another location with either all of the files or none of the files. However, after a rescan it still knows it has the error and therefore won’t delete.

I think I’ve “fixed” it. I faffed around with so many things I can’t be sure how. But pointing it to an empty folder (which still showed the same error) and then pointing it back seemed to cause it to rescan all files (slowly given there’s a lot). While it was doing this the error did not show, so I removed the folder again, and it seems to have stayed removed after a restart. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

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