Recreating .stfolder shows local out of sync

I moved my original synced folder by deleting it and recreating it in another location. When doing so, I lost the .stfolder and recreated it using the instructions here. This got the folder syncing again.

But now my local instance (the one I recreated .stfolder on) says it’s out of sync. The remote instance shows it’s in sync with 1 file in the folder. But my local instance shows a Global State with 5 files and a Local State with 3 files. The remote instance shows the correct information, the local instance of SyncTrayzor shows incorrect data. In the actual local folder, there is only 1 file (which is correct, the data shown in SyncTrayzor is wrong). It seems like each time I recreate the .stfolder, SyncTrayzor shows more local files. How can I correct this so that my local instance shows the correct sync state and number of files?

Can you post screenshots from both sides showing the Syncthing Web GUI with the problematic folder?

Here are the screenshots from both instances of SyncThing. On each computer, both SyncTrayzor and the web GUI show the same information.

In these screenshots, the computer that shows “Up to Date” is correct, the one the says “Out of Sync” is incorrect. There should only be one file in the folder (plus the .stfolder). For the computer that says “Out of Sync”, there actually is only one file in the synced folder. It has the correct data, but SyncThing thinks the data is incorrect.

When I click on the link for more details on “Out of Sync Items”, the popup window appears but there is nothing listed.

correct sync1 incorrect sync1

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