reason for: ... has mismatching index ID for us (somehex != someotherhex) ...

Hello, after upgrading to v0.14.46 Syncthing logged for each folder on one connected device that the folder “Blah” (foldername) has mismatching index ID for us (somehex != someotherhex). It then recovered using the someotherhex folder ID.

Could somebody explain what causes a “mismatching index ID”?

Thanks in advance.

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This is an intentional although suboptimal effect of the upgrade. We’ve changed some things about how ignored files are handled in the index, and change the index ID on upgrade to ensure all devices refresh their index data.

The “index ID” is used to handle delta indexes, that is, how devices coordinate sending only changes since last time on each connect instead of the full index data.

We should probably remove that log entry as it’s normal and not scary.



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