QNAP NAS package (QPKG) available

I’m in a similar situation in terms of following @ouija’s advice. Do you have a link to any resources that helped you or an idiots guide to getting the app to work?

Sorry I don’t have a qNAP but can you run docker containers? Synology has a nice package I can install but I prefer to run the docker so I know precisely what’s exposed to the container and can access the internal terminal and internal config files.

Anyway just a thought.

Installed syncthing_1.23.0_x86_64 on QNAP TS451+

After installing the app, only had to carry out these steps to launch the app (which were a challenge for me as required SSH):

Edit the /etc/config/qpkg.cfg file and look for the [syncthing] entry in this file (which will be near the end of the file if you just installed the syncthing qpkg package) and add the following to the end of this entry:

WebUI = /
Web_Port = 8384

Credit @ouija QNAP NAS package (QPKG) available - #54 by ouija

To do this, I enabled SSH on a new port on the NAS and then used Command Prompt to SSH and edit the file using vim.

For an unknown reason, I could not find the .qpkg/Syncthing/ directory anywhere. Had 2x CACHEDEV_x directories and did not find it. @bmachek

Web GUI was already listening on when launched.

Resource I used when working out how to use/edit via SSH: Creating and editing a file via SSH – DreamHost Knowledge Base

Thanks for your help!

@bmachek @Catfriend1 currently get this warning when launching, not sure if you know whether this is expected/required:

Syncthing should not run as a privileged or system user. Please consider using a normal user account.

Is it possible to set the user that runs the app based on the run location, say if you have multiple users who want their own GUI and directories?

I no longer own a qnap. But I remember this to be a single user Linux OS where most qnap services run under root.