QNAP NAS package (QPKG) available

Philippe, i am really looking forward to your contribution for 0.12 , relaysrv and discosrv.


The new version is ready … BUT I just wait to consider the update phase … or I propose the new version (and people must change all nodes as it’s explain in release notes) … or I propose and update with coexistence of the two version to facilitate the update …

I have start on the second way … BUT this add difficulty (due to NAS structure … not so “free” as any standard Linux box … ) BUT I will get it out in few days (or hours if I get free time to work on it) when I have close my thinking phase"

Sorry for the delay …



I have provide a QPKG for version 0.12.2 I have added corresponding exec (for ALL QNAP’s) for relaysrv … because it can be easily started and use … (but I will provide later a separate QPKG) For discovery server … I have to check more … sorry for the delay

I have added support for new TAS-x68 (hybrid Android/QTS (Qnap O.S.) system) in the NAS (QTS part)

I have to check also for some parameters (seems obsoletes) … due to the “very” temporary existence of structure in a NAS … I manage myself parameters in command line … so I will check it again or retrieve another approach …

BUT based on my tests … all at this time seems to works … (x86, x86_64, armel and armhf) …




Due to Askimet rules (so forum and admin rules) … I have been ejected by us …

So It’s the end of my participation to this forum …

bye. anybody wanting to contact us … know the forum where it’s possible.


You certainly haven’t been ejected. Your post above was held back for an hour or so as the (automatic) antispam system flagged it for attention. I released it when I came by.

Hey Philippe,

i really like your contributions to the Project… And as always the 0.12.2 package is working, as expected, like a charme. since you are familar with creating qpkg´s for the QNAP NAS Boxes, would it be possible to create also Packages for DiscoServer or Relay ?

thanks in advance…



Is the TS-x28 supported? It’s not listed on qnap thread, but it’s an ARM v7 Dual-Core 1.1GHz.



I think so … the auto selection for the architecture is based on the result of “uname -m” … so if uname -m output is : armv7l (like x31/x31+/x68 … no reason that syncthing don’t work …

Philippe. NB I am a user not QNAP … so I am limited in term of models and series

Hey guys! I just wonder, is there any new development about Syncting? I regret I have ever bought Qnap 2 years ago in the first place… they just ignore all the good stuff - on Synology, this is not an issue… Thanks for any update here!


Nothing special … Syncthing auto update mechanism works as well … so no need to change the package (QPKG) … for now it’s v0.14.52 … it run on ALL Q.T.S. version up to last (at this time) one 4.3.5 Only few change … support arm64 QNAP NAS model …

The only target is to other a possibility to run Syncthing not as root (admin in QNAP) but this generate lot of constraints for the user … due to the QNAP software internal architecture … not difficult to do … but more to manage …

If you have a “special” request, don’t hesitate to post in QNAP forum … because the solution is not attached to Syncthing but certainly to QNAP environment.


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Hi, Please excuse my ignorance but where can I download the QPKG install package from? I have skimmed through the forum, but have not find any download link there…

Thanks, Zdenek

You might wanna look here:


QPKG is here : https://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=121&t=97035&start=270#p429896

Philippe. NB require a free registration

Thanks, I have downloaded and installed, it has said successfully installed, but where can I find the program so I can begin with & set it up? It does not seem to be in the list of the installed software… Thanks for your further assistance, greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:



In QTS Webui top left menu you can have an icon (the syncthing icon) … just click on …it open a new windows with Syncthing interface … please read information in QNAP forum … for some reason (linked to QNAP architecture) some parameters (2) are forced at command line … so changed by another way that “normal” setting menu (it’s documented) Syncthing icon, also appear in App. Center (as any QPKG) You can move the icon to the webui desktop by a simple drag & drop

Philippe. NB I think you can get more detail on QNAP environment on QNAP Forum … this questions are out of the Syncthing forum target …

Wow. Many-many-many thanks to the developers!

worked like a charm on my qnap-TS112P. Just had to find out how to install a .qpkg file manually… : www.qnap.com/en/how-to/knowledge-base/article/how-to-install-qnap-applications-qpkg-files-manually/ My ‘uname -m’ is: arm5tel. Works with your “TS-ARM-X19” File. It upgraded SyncThing to v1.20 instantly. Thanks and bonjour!

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Unfortunately the link is dead now. Do you still provide the QPKG? Had it installed before but I had to reset my NAS and lost it unfortunately.

@murpledurple Sometime ago, I did my own using QDK and Entware. Here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ufJVoFieKs6t8x8gwOqef8nyJuSeo2Oz/view?usp=sharing

I’ve not yet open-sourced the cooking recipe but it’s mainly baking Phillipe’s original shell script into a new package plus minor line changes to be compatible with newer QNAP QTS 4.x Firmware. I’m not going any further here as I’ve sold my QNAP and replaced it with a 2011 year “old” desktop pc as home server.

I also remember it being upgrade-able. If you don’t like to online upgrade, just head into /share/CACHEDEVx_DATA/.qpkg/syncthing-public/ and replace the “syncthing” binary file with the most recent release from the Syncthing (official) release page, amd64.

Sorry, I forgot to specify: my QNAP runs ARM, not x86.

Found this repository, but is it trustworthy?

[Edit] Apparently it’s somewhat official, but still slightly sketchy: https://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=121&t=145923&p=699728

Has anybody some tips on running the syncthing ARM binary directly? Thanks

[Edit2] Thank you @Catfriend1 for pointing me in the direction of Entware, this seems like a feasible solution.

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