QNAP NAS package (QPKG) available

You might wanna look here:


QPKG is here : https://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=121&t=97035&start=270#p429896

Philippe. NB require a free registration

Thanks, I have downloaded and installed, it has said successfully installed, but where can I find the program so I can begin with & set it up? It does not seem to be in the list of the installed software… Thanks for your further assistance, greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:



In QTS Webui top left menu you can have an icon (the syncthing icon) … just click on …it open a new windows with Syncthing interface … please read information in QNAP forum … for some reason (linked to QNAP architecture) some parameters (2) are forced at command line … so changed by another way that “normal” setting menu (it’s documented) Syncthing icon, also appear in App. Center (as any QPKG) You can move the icon to the webui desktop by a simple drag & drop

Philippe. NB I think you can get more detail on QNAP environment on QNAP Forum … this questions are out of the Syncthing forum target …

Wow. Many-many-many thanks to the developers!

worked like a charm on my qnap-TS112P. Just had to find out how to install a .qpkg file manually… : www.qnap.com/en/how-to/knowledge-base/article/how-to-install-qnap-applications-qpkg-files-manually/ My ‘uname -m’ is: arm5tel. Works with your “TS-ARM-X19” File. It upgraded SyncThing to v1.20 instantly. Thanks and bonjour!

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Unfortunately the link is dead now. Do you still provide the QPKG? Had it installed before but I had to reset my NAS and lost it unfortunately.

@murpledurple Sometime ago, I did my own using QDK and Entware. Here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ufJVoFieKs6t8x8gwOqef8nyJuSeo2Oz/view?usp=sharing

I’ve not yet open-sourced the cooking recipe but it’s mainly baking Phillipe’s original shell script into a new package plus minor line changes to be compatible with newer QNAP QTS 4.x Firmware. I’m not going any further here as I’ve sold my QNAP and replaced it with a 2011 year “old” desktop pc as home server.

I also remember it being upgrade-able. If you don’t like to online upgrade, just head into /share/CACHEDEVx_DATA/.qpkg/syncthing-public/ and replace the “syncthing” binary file with the most recent release from the Syncthing (official) release page, amd64.

Sorry, I forgot to specify: my QNAP runs ARM, not x86.

Found this repository, but is it trustworthy?

[Edit] Apparently it’s somewhat official, but still slightly sketchy: https://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=121&t=145923&p=699728

Has anybody some tips on running the syncthing ARM binary directly? Thanks

[Edit2] Thank you @Catfriend1 for pointing me in the direction of Entware, this seems like a feasible solution.

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Hi, Even I stop develop QPKG for QNAP due to QNAP policy and move to APKG for Asustor … The “original” QPKG (mine) is for all and select the good go exec based on architecture detected. BUT it is not maintains for new QTS version …

As a workaround you can used Entware QPKG this package manager include + 2500 packages including Syncthing. don’t be afraid if version is old … internal update mechanism ask you to upgrade to last version.



Do you have it available for download somewhere? As I said, the link to the QNAP forum is dead unfortunately.

I think it would also work to use my qpkg and just download the syncthing arm executable and overwrite the amd64 one with it after the package was installed. The qpkg is just a wrapper ;-).

I was able to install it via Entware, many thanks!

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Hi together,

I’ve updated my QPKG build recipe for QTS 5.x and Syncthing v1.18.6 (linux-amd64).

Tested on TVS-EC1080 and TVS-1282.

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Would it be conceivable that you would use your expertise to continue the now archived Syncthing package for Synology? Unfortunately, I can’t do that, as an ambitious user I have some knowledge, but I just don’t have a background as a programmer.

Sorry, I can’t help here as I don’t own a Synology NAS.

We are running under QNAP’s root account which may be problematic in some future firmware versions, maybe, depending on what strategy QNAP takes.

Same you have now with Synology DSM 7. The package of Safihre from SynoCommunity runs very good in that new environment. The 3rd party installer also can not run longer as root, which was possible up to DSM 6.

Note that Safihre stepped down as maintainer for the SynoCommunity Syncthing SPK package, though he is still around. There are other people (including me) who keep the package alive though, so from my perspective there’s no need to advertise for making a new package for Synology.

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Thanks @Catfriend1. I was able to download and install that QPKG file on my brand new QNAP TS-1673 NAS (QTS However while it installed, it doesn’t seem to run. Is this version of NAS unsupported, or am I doing something wrong?

Also, I note there is a Syncthing app download available from the QNAP Club website (qnapclub.eu). Is this the same software? There is a list of available versions on the download page (click the download button to drop down the list), but my NAS model is not on the list.

I’ll post a couple of pictures, the first is the icon in the app store, and the second is what I get when I click ‘open’. Clicking ‘open’ again in the dialog window does nothing.


you need to edit /share/CACHEDEVx_DATA/.qpkg/Syncthing/config.xml to activate the Web Gui remote access first and set a port. I didn’t open the web ui to the outside by default as there are still users installing the pkg on their box , wan-exposed, and then complaining the web ui of ST is exposed to everyone outside without a password.