Possibility to sync local folder


i wanted to know if syncthing have possibility to sync 2 local folders ?


Me too.

One of the things I’d like to use Syncthing for is to synchronise a folder with an external backup disk.

Would I need to run two instances of Syncthing on my (Linux) machine, so that it would appears as two separate nodes? And if so, how?

This is something that I wanted to do with BTSync, but couldn’t. It’s easy with CrashPlan though.



You can do this with two instances of syncthing on the same computer. However it’s unnecessarily complex and not optimally efficient. I would think something that does this locally without the overhead of keeping indexes and sending things over sockets should exist?

How to, read: https://github.com/jedie/syncthing/wiki/Test-Syncthing

But i also think, this is not really the use-case of syncthing.

I would love to see this capability also. It was a common feature request in BTSync. Ultimately it would be nice to have just the one tool on my machine handle all synchronization of folders. Some I’d like to sync to remote machines, some (perhaps the same folders or sub-folders) to an external HDD whenever it’s plugged in etc.

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Not the way you want, but you can maybe use Unison for local sync.