Phantom directory is "Out of Sync"

I am getting an out of sync message (95%, 0 B) for a directory that I deleted inside a Syncthing shared directory. The deleted directory no longer exists on the device that it is listed as out of sync with (Ubuntu laptop) – or any other device (Android phone). Not sure if it is relevant, but the deleted folder had special characters in it, which is one of the reasons I deleted it.

I found a similar post that is from 2017, but that is long enough ago that it made sense to post this.

Please let me know what additional information would help to troubleshoot this. I have multiple devices now that show (95%, 0 B), but the “Out of Sync Items” have 0 B of data and are in directories that have been deleted on the “Mod. Device.”

In other words, the directory no longer exists on any device – but it is causing an out of sync message.

Do you use ignores or have “ignore delete” enabled?

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Thanks @wweich. No, I don’t have any ignore patterns enabled. But I do have ignore permissions enabled.

It would be nice to reproduce this and report the issue on GitHub, but for now I’d simply suggest to remove and re-add the folder in Syncthing on the problematic device. It should re-index everything without transferring the existing files again.

Sorry for the delay. @tomasz86, by problematic device do you mean the one showing the 95% error? One is a deleted device. The others are multiple devices that show this error. Are you suggesting that I remove/re-add the folder on all devices that have the error?

Yeah, that is likely what you’ve got to do. You could also try pausing the folder on each device one by one and see whether the error goes away. If it does, then you may only try to remove and re-add the folder on that single device first.

Ok, thanks. Will try once I get back into an area with good bandwidth.

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