'Phantom' dirctory giving Out of Sync errors

I am having trouble with a directory that has been removed. It doesn’t exist in either the local or the remote directory but I am getting ‘Out of Sync’ errors. The error for all of them is ‘Parent is not a directory’, not surprising since the whole tree doesn’t exist!

How do I fix this? I can’t find anywhere that still refers to the old directory tree so why is Syncthing still trying to synchronise it?

Well I fixed it, but I don’t really understand how/why.

I removed the problem synchronisation from the syncthing configuration and then put it back, all is OK now. So it would seem that I somehow confused syncthing when I removed a subdirectory from what it was synchronising. I did pause syncthing at both ends while I moved things around etc. but that doesn’t seem to have been enough.

I suspect I’ve met the same issue in a more reproducible way.

topology is hub (1 central “server” to which several “clients” are connected). I create a sizeable directory on a client synced branch (a few 10s files totalling a few 100s MB). While the directory is synced up to the server and distributed to the clients, I remove or rename the directory on the same source client. Sync seems to get locked up with many ‘Parent is not a directory’ errors on the hub or clients.

I hope this helps finding the critter. This is definitely a recent issue: 0.14.18 or perhaps since 0.14.17


Same issue here. ST v0.14.18 @chrisisbd How did you fix it exactly?

I simply removed the problem directory from the syncthing configuration (only three systems involved) and then put it back. All was well from then on.

I re-created the missing phantom directories, waited for propagation and slowly removed then again from bottom up rather than just the base one.

However it only fixes the symptom not the underlying issue (bug?).


There is a bug for this.

This hopefully should be fixed in the latest release.

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