Permission denied - Synology NAS

I’m new to using Syncthing but have read many topics relating to this issue. The errors I’m getting are as follows: 2023-06-11 11:05:14: Loading ignores: lstat /volume1/MyComputers/ASE/.stignore: permission denied

2023-06-11 11:05:14: Failed to create folder root directory stat /volume1/MyComputers/ASE: permission denied

2023-06-11 11:05:14: Error on folder “ASE” (mtsok-j9os4): stat /volume1/MyComputers/ASE: permission denied

I gave sc-syncthing Read/Write permission to folder “ASE” but it shows “Stopped”.

However, I have Syncthing installed on my Windows PC and can sync files between the Synology NAS OK so it does seem to be working, just this folder is showing Stopped.

In previous topics I saw to give the “user” local group read/write access but this has no effect. Sorry if I’ve missed a simple or previously advised solution.

Make sure you have the “Ignore permissions” check box active under the Syncthing folder’s Advanced tab. If Syncthing tries to apply permissions from a remote system, it will effectively erase all ACL-based permissions set on the Synology.

Overall this sounds like a general Synology permission problem. Have you looked at the parent folders? There is a permissions inspector tool within File Station, use it to check the effective permissions for the sc-syncthing user. When setting ACLs, use the sc-syncthing group, as recommended by the SynoCommunity documentation.

Hi Andre, Thank you for your prompt reply. I have set “Ignore Permissions” and used the sc-syncthing group as you suggested and all is working fine now.

A great application and I’m really enjoying using it.

Thank you again. Dr Phil…

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