.pending files

Hi, some of the videos from my Android phone do not upload and I get a .pending(file name).mp4 The file stays like this, other videos from the same date do get uploaded. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Those are not from Syncthing. There must be another piece of software which is responsible for them.

Possibly related: https://forum.syncthing.net/t/folder-with-ignore-delete-creates-pending-duplicate-after-deleting-file-from-source/17246

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This is weird, I don’t have anything else syncing on my phone and I don’t have Google Photos. I can’t locate the culprit. Thanks, I’ll keep looking.

EDIT: I think I found it, DropIt moves my files automatically, that is the culprit! But it is not the phone, it’s a Windows app.

Good to know :slightly_smiling_face:. The information may be useful for others. As in the other topic, you should probably add .pending-* to your ignore patterns to avoid potential issues.

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I also have them on my DCIM/Camera folder. They were created by the MGC Gcam Camera App, 8.1.101.

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