Out of sync symlinks since merge

Hi all,

Since the update introducing indexing symlinks and removing the ‘symlink not supported’ warning (which didn’t bother me), my windows machine reports folders with symlinks as out of sync, and the failed item list are just the symlinks with the ‘symlink not supported’ error.

I’m syncing a Debian 8 to a windows 10.

I wasn’t sure if I should list this as a feature request, but for now it seems like unwanted behavior (assuming this is supposed to happen). Could indexing symlinks be at least configurable through the GUI of the reciever?

Many thanks

No, this will stay for good. Either remove the symlinks, ignore them one by one, grant yourself the right windows permission to create them, or run syncthing as admin.

I had no idea I can create them on Windows. Thanks again, kabanus

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