Ignoring links - again??

Hey everyone,

at first: Thanks for the great work on syncthing so far. I’m only using it for a short time now but I already love it!

I was searching for a solution for the out-of-sync-status when syncing between linux and android devices which occurs when the android device fails to create symlinks.

Well I read a few threads and Github issues but one point remains unclear to me: Why can’t I ignore symlinks by filetype via the .stignore file?

The clearest statement was from this post and says that symlinks have to be ignored one by one.

But since this was said in 2016 and since at least some (see here, here, here or here) other people have similar experiences I wanted to give it a shot anyways. I read somewhere that implementing the possibility to ignore by filesize and age would be confusing and even more confusing to explain to the users. But I was hoping that this would not be the case with filetype since the system log can clearly tell you that it’s the creation of links that’s causing the problem. Additionaly I read that there already was an option in Syncthing some years ago which did exactly that.

So I would be really keen to read why this was removed or can’t (/ won’t) be implemented via .stignore file.

Thanks so much for the time!

It’s not been removed. Nobody has implemented it.

However since this seems like an Android thing mostly, perhaps it should be handled like we do symlinks on Windows, i.e. we ignore them always.