Out of sync folder on receive side

Running v1.8.0 on both devices. The folder is only shared on these two devices. NAS2 is Synology with receive only folder Ohareoffice3 is Windows with send only folder

From the ohareoffice3 side, it shows the folder as up to date and the remote devices as up to date. Nas2 shows 2 items out of sync.

From Nas2:

When I click on 2 items nothing is shown in the list:

What do I need to check on to get this in sync?

See Out of sync 13 itmes -> but not shown in the list

You can recalculate the numbers by running Syncthing once with STRECHECKDBEVERY=1s . That would need to be run on the out of sync folder side correct? I don’t know how to run that on the Synology while connected via SSH.

From the docs:

STRECHECKDBEVERY Time before folder statistics (file, dir, … counts) are recalculated from scratch. The given duration must be parseable by Go’s time.ParseDuration. If missing or not parseable, the default value of 1 month is used. To force recalculation on every startup, set it to 1s.

If I read that right then one option is to just wait a month and it will be recalculated then, correct? Any other way to do it from the GUI?

Yes, you’d have to do it from the device that reports things out of sync. There is no way to do it from the UI.


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