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As per these posts I need to run ST once with the STRECHECKDBEVERY variable.

Reading the doc searching how to run ST with a variable set, I read setting STRECHECKDBEVERY=1s will do reCheck on every startup. Is it true or do I misunderstand?

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What Audrius said or with more words: On startup and also whenever a folder is (re-)loaded, e.g. when changing config or (edit: no longer on >=v1.9.0-rc.5, see below) when pausing and unpausing. It literally just means that if one second past since the last time a folder was loaded in db, the checks should be run. As such you should start with that env var set, wait until everything is up and running, then stop and restart without it.

… except in 1.9.0-rc.5 and newer :slight_smile:

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This is this sentence that puzzles me; " To force recalculation on every startup, set it to 1s ."

I understand it as if setting the variable once from command line, then it will change either the config file or the way ST will run later even without the variable set, e.g. from my usual autostart ???

It doesn’t do anything like that, the formulation is indeed not good: When you set this variable on every startup, it will do a recalc on every startup. Of course if you then don’t use the variable anymore, the default interval (30d I think) is relevant again, i.e. no recalc on every restart. So “force recalculation on every startup while the env var is set like this” (terrible sentence).

I guess remove “every”. Env var takes effect on startup.

Many thanks Simon, it makes sense to me now. A final question please, for later knowledge: will using the GUI Restart feature disable the one-shoot variable setting ? Or will the monitor process remember it ?

Every word counts :wink:

Syncthing-internal restart keeps the env vars set when the initial Syncthing process was started.

Login facilities set from within ST GUI are exception to this then? I ask this because they don’t survive a restart.

They are not environment variables, they are just some internal settings. (Which can be controlled by environment variables, which take effect on startup and remain in effect over internal restarts.)

Thank you men, everything is light for me now.

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