Oldest supported macOS version?

What’s the oldest supported version of macOS for the macOS build? (eg., 10.9, 10.10, you get the idea). Would be really useful if this was listed on the download page, or stated somewhere.

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The oldest supported version is currently 10.8.

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I think not only for macOS it would be nice to have it documented but also for other OSes. We probably would need a table in the documentation.

Someone needs to test for and maintain that table then. As it is I think we simply do not know. Does Syncthing work on XP? Are you sure? I have no idea. Windows 2000? It’s not supposed to, but I’m not sure it doesn’t.

This should be our minimum bound: https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/MinimumRequirements

I’m not sure if we’ve added stuff on top of that which requires newer versions though.

Yes maintaining can be a pain. I have seen syncthing working past januari in windows xp on an old machine (yes this is slow).


If you are running Mac OSX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, then the newest version that will work is Syncthing 0.14.40.

Regarding calmh’s comments below, Syncthing works with XP up to the newest version 0.14.47.

Sorry to necrothread, but is this guidance still correct in mid-2020? Does Syncthing still support MacOS 10.8?

Syncthing supports whatever Go does, at the time of writing >= macos 10.11 (https://golang.org/dl/)


Official builds of Syncthing do not work on Windows XP, and the last version to work on Windows Vista was 1.2, because in 1.3 we moved to a Go version that builds Vista-incompatible binaries. One could probably build current Syncthing with older version of Go that produce Vista-compatible (or even XP-compatible) binaries, but I’m not really sure it’s possible anymore.

Oops. Sorry. Didn’t notice this was a necropost.

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Syncthing 1.0.0 works under OS X 10.8 - I use the QSynchthing Tray wrapper, and it works well.

Obviously be sure to disable Syncthing updates, so it doesn’t update beyond that version.


Just so that you are aware, there are quite a few bugs in 1.0.0.

Likewise in OSX 10.8. I don’t think this is a major concern for those stuck on old machines for whatever reason.

There’s space here for some enthusiast to maintain a table with download links to the most recent versions known to work on various outdated OSes. Who wants to be the dead systems czar? I can offer a small corner of the docs site to house the project. :wink:

As a start, here’s a list of all Syncthing binaries we released (that had a --version switch) and the Go version that built them (that being the most limiting factor):

Based on that I would expect Syncthing 1.0.1 to work where 1.0.0 does, for example. There’s also room for fiddling. You can probably compile at least Syncthing 1.2.2 with Go 1.11, gaining back some versions. If anyone cares to do so.

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And that is pretty significant: I remember trying to get 1.0.1 into debian stable before the freeze, because there was a bugfix introduced I considered very important at the time (don’t remember what), now debian stable is on 1.0.0.

Oh and if someone want’s to be the super-szar, you could even try and see up to which Syncthing version you can compile it with the latest go version still compatible with whatever age-old macos you require :wink:


Sometime in the future, I will try to do some tests with Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server, and also see if there is any version of Syncthing capable of running under Windows 2000. I have access to these and can spin up VMs with them very easily any time.

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